Concurrent Experiential Workshop: Don Ravine Medicine Walk

Wednesday May 15   01:00 PM to 05:00 PM (4 hours)
Outdoors, Evergreen Brick Works

This experiential workshop takes place at Evergreen Brick Works. Please dress in comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing.

A medicine walk connects participants with the surrounding land, it’s history, and ecology, including the medicines that the land provides. This walk is led by chef, food activist andAnishiinaabe entrepreneur Johl Ringuette, whose Nish Dish Marketeria and Catering grows local produce and medicines for their menu. Ringuette will guide participants through the Don Ravine to learn about local plants and history shared by traditional knowledge keepers. Anyone looking to connect with the land and deepen their knowledge of traditional foodways should sign up for this workshop.

Experiential Workshops offer a way to see and experience aspects of the health and food system that are complex and not easily understood. One of the best ways to improve that understanding is to get out into the world and see new things through new eyes. This ‘seeing’ occurs as much through conversations with colleagues on the workshops as it does from the visits themselves.

Nish Dish
Chef and Owner

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